Box Bags

Box Bags

With five full printing faces, the box bag maximises advertising real estate on the packaged product. They are designed in such a way that products will capture a customer’s attention with enhanced visibility and brand appearance on store shelves. The flat, stable base makes the box bag an ideal packaging solution for lightweight contents such as cereal, rice, nut and coffee, as well as dry powdered products.

Why Box Bags?

Customisable dimensions, high-quality printing, and great add-on features such as zips, easy open laser scoring are at the core of what we offer.

Various material combinations can be used, including PET, PE Nylon and metallised films.

Can help extended shelf life of up to one year, making them good value for money.

Materials such as AlOx, and EVOH can be added to the laminates, helping extend the shelf life of the product.

Chemically stable, BPA Free, can be pasteurised and sterilised.

Food compliant – manufactured in HACCP certified facilities.

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