Flat Pouches

Flat Pouches

Want an economical and efficient packaging solution, that still has customers reaching for the product? The flat pouch is ideal. Its simplicity ensures that minimal effort is required to package and seal, which in turn gives clients more time and money to distribute to other channels. These pouches are perfect for packaging a variety of products including pet food, medical supplies, and even have industrial applications.

Why Flat Pouches?

Flat pouches can be contoured for pouring, and have options for add-on features such as tear notches, laser perforations, zippers, and spouts.

Various material combinations can be used, including PET, PE Nylon and metallised films.

Can help extended shelf life of up to one year, making them good value for money.

Materials such as AlOx, and EVOH can be added to the laminates, helping extend the shelf life of the product

They can be pasteurised and sterilised.

Food compliant – manufactured in HACCP certified facilities.

Chemically stable, BPA Free, can be pasteurised and sterilised.

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