Printed Rewinds

Printed Rewinds

We manufacture a wide range of laminated films for standard and customised packaging solutions. They provide excellent barriers against oxygen, UV light, water vapour, odours, and mineral oils, whilst protecting the aroma and freshness of the packaged produce. Our films can be laminated up to four layers utilising solvent free adhesives. They are used in many industries, including: food, home and personal care, industrial and other FMCG markets.

Why Printed Rewinds?

High-quality flexographic printing; high-speed films for efficient processing; and high barrier films with/without aluminium; are at the core of what we offer.

Various material combinations can be used, including PET, PE, OPP, CPP, OPA Nylon and metallised films.

Optimal sealing materials with high sealing strength, and the option for resealability.

Materials such as AlOx, and EVOH can be added to the laminates, helping extend the shelf life of the product

Food compliant – manufactured in HACCP certified facilities.

They are chemically stable and BPA free.

Laser perforation, to allow the release of atmospheric gases from the packaging, helping to maintain the optimum freshness of the product.

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