If Anyone Can Have It, I Don’t Want It – Tackling The Customisation Trend

Australia’s largest generation currently is the millennial generation, who love to spend. 38% of this digitally immersed generation are in the top third of discretionary spenders in the economy. They expect to have input into their brands and rely heavily on digital technology. What does this mean for brands and their packaging? As with any target market, understanding the millennials’ increasing need for products that help them express their unique sense of self is key to them making a purchase and driving their loyalty.

Customised products attract people and they make the buyer feel the product has been made specifically for them, making them more satisfied with their purchase. Creating packaging that focuses on innovation allows the customer to experience a sense of discovery and exclusivity. 40 per cent of millennials, who care about this the most, will pay more for a product if it is consistent with the image they want to convey.

Some demographics are more in awe of simplistic design, while others are impressed by unique shape and structure. At FPS, we not only offer flexible packaging solutions, but we also cater for specific needs you might have – including customisation and personalisation of your packaging. Whether you want to do multiple short runs with quick turnarounds, or you have a specific flexible packaging format in mind for making sure that the average millennial walking past stops and takes notice, our range of offerings should be able to satisfy your requirements.