Packaging for Pet Food; Things To Consider

The days of cute animal photos on the front of a can are a thing of the past in the pet food industry. As a result of the increase in the number of boutique brands, and health conscious customers there have been some major shifts in pet food packaging trends. To really stand out on the shelf, or in online stores, you need to create packaging for your product that stands out and speaks to the customer needs in its design.

Here are three major pet food packaging trends that you should incorporate into your packaging.


Packaging To Preserve Freshness

Customers really care about keeping their pets food fresh. If you are selling a large pack of dog or cat biscuits, for example, having a resealable zipper is a great addition to your packaging. It offers a way for your customer to reseal the packaging allowing them the comfort of knowing that they are keeping their pets food fresh.


Nutrition Focused Packaging

A trend that has trickled down from food packaging designed for humans is now influencing the pet food market. Nutrition labels are now an important element of pet food packaging.


According to a survey by NUTRO Pet Food, 83% of pet owners will read their pet’s food label and 65% will avoid foods with GMOs. It is important to make sure your labelling highlights the nutritional value of the pet food you are selling.


Single Serve Packaging

Single serve packaging has become more prominent in the pet food market. It offers many convenient features over cans and larger bags. One advantage is portion sizing. With over 55% of pets being classified as overweight by veterinarians, portion sizing helps owners make sure they aren’t overfeeding their pets.


Single serve packaging is also great for when owners have to leave their pets with a friend or family member while they go away. It allows them to conveniently bring the carer just the right amount of food so they are not accidentally overfeeding the pet.


Choosing the right packaging is extremely important to your brand’s success. Packaging technology is ever evolving, providing businesses with more options and making it easier to create functional and unique packaging for your product that your customers will love.


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