Choosing the Right Packaging for the Food Industry (Wet and Dry)

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The right packaging not only attracts consumers, it will keep your product safe in transportation and keep it fresh. This reinforces the quality of the brand and product, when customers know they can count on freshness from when the product hits the shelf to when it’s in their hand. In essence, the material should be an effective barrier against water, air, light and aromatic materials as necessary.

The packaging world is incredibly innovative and technology moves really fast – you literally have hundreds of packaging solutions and materials to choose from.

When it comes to food packaging, you need a high level of protection for your product. Getting the product safely from A to B with minimal damage needs to be a priority. When speaking to packaging experts, be sure to make the most of their technical knowledge. They will be able to take you through some important decisions that should be considered when choosing the right packaging for your product including how it will be filled and what is the required shelf life.

Vertical form fill and seal is a rising trend in the food-to-go market. Plastic packages are constructed out of a flat roll of plastic film, which are then filled with the product and sealed. From coffee beans, tea leaves, cereals, beef jerky to nuts and raisins, spices, candies and confectionery, this form of packaging offers great presentation and superb quality to a large variety of products. The FPS products that are best suited for this form of packaging are box bags and stand up pouches.

For liquid based products, flat pouches and stand up pouches are also well-suited. For fresh herbs and flowers, sleeves are a great option.

If you produce a wide variety of food products that all have different packaging requirements, we are able to do short runs of each style of packaging. Whatever your requirements, talk to our friendly sales team and allow us to help you find the perfect solution.