Convenience and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed with our Resealable Solutions

It might surprise you to know that resealable packaging for consumer packaged goods was first introduced more than 20 years ago! However, due to the difficulty and cost of incorporating the new technology into existing manufacturing structures, it has only been in the last decade that resealable packaging has become a formidable presence on our supermarket shelves.

From cereal and frozen food to vegetables and pet food; resealable packaging offers consumer convenience that is hard to beat. The ease of use and continued product freshness that is intrinsically linked to resealable packaging has made it one of the most appealing aspects of modern day food packaging. Research shows that consumers are in fact more inclined to choose such a package regardless of price, and with the technological advancements in recent years making it a more affordable client proposition, the future is looking decidedly resealable!

FPS work closely with several international companies to offer customers a wide range of resealable pouches and packaging to suit a variety of applications, including dry products such as nuts and dried fruits, as well as more challenging products such as hot-fill sauces and soups, chilled and frozen products.

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