FPS Achieve Milestone 10 Years of HACCP Certification

Food safety has always been of paramount importance to us at FPS and we’re very proud to announce that we’ve now achieved 10 years of consecutive HACCP certification. Standing for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, this certification has been synonymous with food safety for many years; and our ongoing certification is testament to the hard work and focus of our team to achieve only the highest standards in our packaging solutions.

At FPS we follow a systematic approach to food safety; which means we address and prevent any risks identified in the food packaging lifecycle relating to physical, chemical or biological hazards. Rather than waiting until the end of production and inspecting the finished food packaging, we are constantly monitoring all stages of the production process to identify and mitigate any possible risks as quickly and effectively as possible.

By demonstrating our compliance with food industry expectations, international legislation and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) endorsed standard, FPS can be trusted to manufacture high quality products that our customers can rely upon time and again. We strive to achieve the best and would like to thank all the team at FPS for their ongoing commitment to the integrity and safety of food.