Adding Value to your FPS Partnership

With a business model that is focused around attentive, personal customer service, it goes without saying that our customers always come first at FPS. That is why we are constantly investing in the areas that will make a difference to the customer experience – be it sales support, technological advances or new equipment.

At FPS, we believe that great businesses grow and leave a legacy, and they do this through the cultivation of mutual value and trust. A multi-million dollar investment program that we are undertaking aligns with this belief, and we are excited to share this stage of our partnership with you.

Our new address in Brisbane’s southern suburb of Parkinson, which is currently under construction, will see the installation of state-of-the-art equipment including new printing press, ink and printing plate technologies, laminator and further, value adding flexible packaging conversion lines.

In the coming months our newly restructured Sales Team will arrange to meet with you, to discuss specific planning for your products and what your ongoing needs are. They will also discuss our new manufacturing capabilities so you can gain an insight into the innovation and additional value that FPS will bring to you, for many years to come.