4 Packaging Design Tips to Ensure Your Brand Stands Out

A recent Nielsen study has reinforced what successful Australian product manufacturers already know – the importance of good packaging design in driving consumer decision-making and product purchasing behaviour. With a high number of purchase decisions being made at the point of purchase, it is becoming increasingly important that a product’s packaging is able to cut through the clutter and stand out on the shelf.

So, how do you ensure your packaging design is on the right track? Here are four tips to help you:

  1. Keep It Simple: Clutter-free is a current trend in the world of packaging design. Customers want to know exactly what is in their products, and want to be able to easily read it upfront. Printing your design on quality packaging that is aesthetically pleasing makes it easier for customers to read – enabling customers to make the choice to purchase the product on the spot.
  1. Create Shelf Impact: An exclusive design combined with a unique shape will ensure that your product stands out on the shelf, and really creates an impact. The space on your product is valuable brand real estate, so use it as a walking ad for your brand. Some of our more specialised products, such as our box bags and stand-up pouches, are designed in such a way that products will capture a customer’s attention with enhanced visibility and brand appearance on store shelves.
  1. Build Something Memorable: When most people recommend a particular product to others, they describe how it looks. Use bold, striking, or differentiating colours that stand out in the given environment, channel or even season. Using a trusted packaging partner who offers flexible packaging solutions will allow you to customise your products as per changing needs – even if it is only for a short run!
  1. Refresh and Renew: If you have a long established product with considerable brand heritage, you might not want to shift away from your traditional design. However, making slight variations to make the design more compelling is something many brands successfully consider. Making the change through quick turnarounds on new packaging will make for a seamless transition for existing customers, and make for intriguing design for new ones – all in one go.

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