FPS Continues HACCP Certification

FPS has identified the importance of delivering packaging products that adhere to food safety requirements. Since 2007, FPS has maintained and improved our Food Safety Programme that has been tested by external auditors from HACCP Australia. HACCP stands for – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. In short, our HACCP system has identified key points in our business where hazards could affect the food safety of our product e.g. is the allergen statement not printed on a food package, is there a hole in a pouch that allows bacteria or pests to enter, is there a chemical in the truck that delivers our raw materials or takes our finished goods.

Part of HACCP for FPS includes – training our people in our food safety programme, pest control, adequate cleaning, selection and review of suppliers (raw materials, transport, services), and practicing a recall/withdrawal from the market in accordance with legal requirements.

In February 2018, FPS achieved HACCP re-certification for another 2 years. Given FPS moved sites in October/November 2017, this was an important and necessary achievement. The HACCP Australia Auditor was very impressed by the improvements FPS has made to our systems and operating in accordance with our Food Safety Programme. Special mention was made to our purpose designed integrated management system tool (database) that allows FPS to track risks, actions, scheduled compliance/maintenance, training, incident management, inspections, meetings, and links between them. The trend analysis and review actions by our team at FPS greatly impressed the Auditor. It is this type of system risk management loop that allows FPS to identify issues, assess them, force actions to resolve the issues and then monitor the effectiveness. FPS is confident this investment will result in continual improvement and ultimately keep our customers satisfied with our products.